Distressed, discouraged, and disappointed

Iowa is a national leader in many things, positive and good. We are also one of the leading states in a dramatic rise in active Covid cases. The staggering daily increase in coronavirus cases in Iowa is jaw-dropping. In a November 13, 2020 article in The Atlantic, University of Iowa Dr. Eli Perencevich is quotedContinue reading “Distressed, discouraged, and disappointed”

Building back, better

Since my earlier post announcing that I had a date scheduled for my hip replacement surgery, many friends have reached out to me and shared their experiences. According to these veterans of orthopedic surgery, I’m going to feel absolutely great…in about three weeks. (Alrighty, then.) Several were quick to share advice, what to do, whatContinue reading “Building back, better”

Once upon a time in Omaha

I received an email overnight with a link to an obituary for former Nebraska Senator Dave Karnes and the memory floodgates burst open. My early post-graduate life in Omaha came spilling out with people and places and extraordinary experiences that continue to shape me today. My uncle was friends with a woman who was puttingContinue reading “Once upon a time in Omaha”

Out of Season

We had our first measurable snow in Iowa early this week. It’s only mid-October but the snow and cold felt like winter. I rather enjoy it in its season, but I love October more. The colors, the trees, the crisp air that calls for sweaters, football…I’ve always been an October person. Everything this year isContinue reading “Out of Season”

Going bionic

All the cool kids are getting arthritic joints replaced these days. More than one million total joint replacements are performed in the U.S. annually, according to The American Joint Replacement Registry at the National Center for Biotechnology Information. This number is forecast to quadruple in the next ten years with an estimated four million totalContinue reading “Going bionic”

No longer and not yet

Welcome to my view from a little more than halfway through. On this blog, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and perspectives about life and these radical changes we are going through as older adults. Our parents and their siblings are passing away leaving us as the elder generation of our families. We can see retirementContinue reading “No longer and not yet”