Got Goals?

If you don’t know where you are going,

any road will get you there.

Lewis Carroll

I didn’t intend to take a break from writing, but that’s what happened. Since my last post, I have had a three-month post-surgery check-up with my orthopedic surgeon at the University of Iowa Orthopedic Clinic. He and I are both pleased with my progress and my goal of walking with ease. Regaining strength and building stamina to increase my walking distance is now a big goal for me. I have plans in the mix for a winter vacation that will include walking the beach. There’s the goal and the vision.

Speaking of goals and intentions, I’m wondering what you may be working toward in your life these days?

We’ll be much more successful if we set up a plan for our success. For me, I need to get back in the habit of actually going for a walk. I’m starting there. I’ve set a goal of walking four days out of seven. Once I have gotten myself to that point – recognizing that it may take a couple of weeks to do this consistently, I’ll work on increasing my distance.

Small bite-sized goals add up and give your ego some early wins that keep you striving forward. If I set a goal to walk a mile four times a week, I have set an unrealistic expectation. Even though it’s a challenge, I’m not ready for that yet. If I don’t achieve my goal, I may become discouraged and simply stop trying.

I’m guessing that might ring true for you as much as it does for me.

What’s different is that I have a vision, a reason why I am going after my goal in a realistic achievable way. I want to walk with ease again, particularly on the beach this winter. I can keep my focus on that vision as the prize. Maybe I offer myself rewards at certain points along the way?

Clearing out the basement, cleaning the garage, completing Grandma’s quilt, signing up for an online course . . . all great goals!

What are your visions and goals for the upcoming summer? By the end of 2021? Before the kids have all left the nest? Post yours in the comments!


Published by Laura Nelson Lof

I'm a lifelong Iowan and a proud alum of The University of Iowa. I'm a writer, an armchair political scientist, and an accomplished sports spectator.

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